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Academic Year

AOIC operates on a trimester system of thirteen weeks.  The school year extends commences from January to March, May to July, and September to November each year.  Trimester breaks are in April, August, and December.

Academic Load and Matriculation

The academic program is based on the trimester system. Each credit represents class work consisting of 750 minutes of classroom instruction excluding a final exam.

The normal load for a full-time student is twelve (12) to fifteen (15) credits per trimester.  The enrolment is based on the advice of the Academic Dean. A student with less than a 9 credit workload is considered a part-time student.

A maximum of 12 credits may be taken without matriculation.

Credit Transfers

AOIC accepts transfer students from other Bible institutes and colleges.  Students desiring to transfer credits from another school are required to submit an official transcript along with the school catalog to the Academic Dean.  Transferred courses having fewer hours than AOIC courses will be given the value at which they are taken.  Transferred courses having more hours than AOIC courses will be given the value at which AOIC offers the course.

AOIC reserves the right to accept or reject work completed at another school.  This will be determined after review of the school’s catalog and other relevant information.

A student may transfer up to one-third (1/3) of an academic program from another college if the courses are comparable to those in AOIC’s study program, and provided they meet the required grade point average or equivalent.

Master's Thesis

Students in the graduate programs may opt to write a thesis (6 credits).  The thesis should reflect the student’s competence in his or her area of concentration.  

The normal procedure for a student is to explore and focus upon a topic with appropriate faculty.  A proposal should be submitted to the Academic Dean for committee approval.  A faculty mentor will be assigned to guide the student and a second reader will be appointed to read the final paper.

The length of the thesis should be between 45 - 50 pages, double-spaced text, exclusive of notes and bibliography.

Ministry Practicum/Internship Credits

Students are encouraged to gain practical learning experience in service and naprosyn online canada ministry. One may receive credits for ministry practicum or internship in a program of study. A maximum of three (3) credits for the buy cialis canada Diploma, Bachelor and Master programs can be attained, except for Master of Arts in Pastoral Counselling.  Students interested to receive practical credits will need to discuss and plan learning with the Dean of Students or Academic Dean. 

Ministry Research Project

Students in the graduate programs can opt to do a research project (6 credits) in his or her area of concentration.  The area of the research project should be initially discussed with the Academic Dean and presented for approval. The project should integrate theory and practice relevant to a particular field.  A faculty mentor will be appointed by the COLLEGE to give advice and guidance to the student.

The length of this writing project should be between 15 – 25 pages of double spaced text, exclusive of notes and bibliography.

Ministry / Mission Attachment Training

A practical three-four months attachment to a local or foreign ministry may be arranged for students needing practical exposure and experience.  
This is to allow students to have hands-on experience in a particular ministry or mission.  Students could accumulate a minimum of six credits to a maximum of twelve credits depending upon the number of assignments and online scams viagra very good site projects assigned.   

The school will work with the church or organization in areas of assignments / projects, supervision and assessment. Overseas missions attachment could be arranged with recognized missions agencies or churches. This attachment will be designed to enable the student to gain practical skills essential for cross-cultural ministry. Further information is available from the Academic Dean's office.

Other Programs

AOIC recognizes special programs conducted by various institution and agencies and grant credits for these programs. Students can apply for these programs to be transferred for credits into the different programs of study. AOIC reserves the right to grant the number of credits for these special programs.

AOIC grants credits for these programs: a) Missionary Training Program (MTP) conducted by Assemblies of God Asian Missions Association (AGAMA), b) Institute of Islamic Studies conducted in Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio, c) Certificate and Diploma programs conducted by Logos International Leadership College, KL d) 2012-2014 modules from Eagles Leadership Conference held in Malaysia. This list continues to be updated.

AOIC may also from time to time give recognition to other programs conducted based on an evaluation and assessment of its merits and program nature.





AOIC credits are recognized and recipes price of cialis in canada accepted by Oral Roberts University (ORU), USA towards a baccalaureate or master's degree. For more information, kindly enquire with the COLLEGE's admin office.

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