David LiewI believe AOIC has served us well by providing top-notched professors from within and viagra online no perscription around the world and from other seminaries. I feel privileged and humbled that a prestigious theological school can be so conveniently located at our door-step; failing to take advantage of it is at our peril. Studying at AOIC is timely for me as what I learned can be applied to my full time ministry work as a mission agency director. It is also relevant for my personal general betterment. David Liew. Mission Organization Leader. Networker.
AOIC’s Big Move in 2010! PDF Print E-mail

As part of our continuous effort to provide better facilities and expansion of the college’s vision, plans to move from our present facility to the viagra generic cheap fast 2nd floor of abilify 10mg pricing Plaza Mayang in Taman Mayang is almost complete.

This is part of several slated phases of expansion for the college. Be on the lookout for more details to follow.




AOIC credits are recognized and accepted by Oral Roberts University (ORU), USA towards a baccalaureate or master's degree. For more information, kindly enquire with the COLLEGE's admin office.

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