Vimala Devi DurairajI should say that AOIC is caring, supportive, dedicated, understanding, facilitating humbly in services to meet the various demands, needs and buy generic cialis limitations of wheelchair-bound cases and most of all is the extended Christ like love and compassion that knows no bounds which I see clearly in AOIC disable friendliness that touches my heart most.
Vimala Devi Durairaj. Church Member.
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The program in AOIC is designed to serve the needs of market place believers (laity) and those in the full Christian ministry vocation.  The COLLEGE offers courses in a variety of formats:

Regular Courses - 3.5 hours of diagnosis cheapest viagra homepage 10 session courses in daytime and evening class format.

Modular Courses - 3.5 hours of 10 session courses conducted over two weeks, with pre-session and post-session assignments.

Hybrid Courses - a conbination of class sessions, online and personal learning format.

Directed Research Projects - available to those who wish to pursue individualized study with approved faculty.  The student may enroll for up to six credit hours of study.

Conferences and Seminars - the student may participate in approved conferences and update cheap viagra in us seminars with prior arrangement made with the cialis canadian drug COLLEGE and authorized by the Academic Dean.  Assignments will be given before the conference and seminar.

For more information, please proceed to cialis tablets vs viagra cures our Downloads section to download our brochure in PDF.



AOIC credits are recognized and accepted by Oral Roberts University (ORU), USA towards a baccalaureate or master's degree. For more information, kindly enquire with the COLLEGE's admin office.

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