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Home Programs Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
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Total Credits 60
Program Goals

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies is a graduate study program designed to provide inter-disciplinary exposure and preparation for cross-cultural ministries.

The objective of this program is that the student will:
  • Gain basic knowledge of biblical and theological content
  • Develop a deepening awareness of God's mission and the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Commit to developing spiritual maturity in oneself and others
  • Understand the nature and viagra 100 mg mission of the church
  • Develop discernment regarding trends in world mission and implications for the local church and church growth
  • Develop capacity for analysis and theological reflections on contemporary issues in local and global contexts
  • Develop capacity for expressions of love and compassion in evangelism and world mission
  • Develop skills of application of Scriptures to practical life situations
  • Develop communication skills to present biblical truth with clarity and conviction
  • Develop skills for mission work and minister in cross-cultural setting.
Admission Prerequisites Candidates must have a recognised University degree of any discipline, a Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Ministry or its equivalent. Candidates with a Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Ministry or its equivalent must have a minimum GPA of 2.7.
Accreditation Asia Theological Association



Bible 15 credits
Old Testament Introduction * 3
New Testament Introduction * 3
Principles of Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics) * 3
Electives (OT, NT) 6
Theology, History & Religion 18 credits
Man and Sin (Systematic Theology I) 3
Christ and Salvation (Systematic Theology II) 3
Church and the End Times (Systematic Theology III) 3
Pneumatology (Theology of the Holy Spirit) 3
Introduction to Church History / Global Expansion of Christianity * 3
Elective 3
Ministry & General 9 credits
Introduction to Theological Study and Research * 3
Principles of Teaching or Preaching (Homiletics) * 3
Spiritual Formation 3
Intercultural Studies Track 15 credits
Biblical Theology of Mission 3
Cultural Anthropology 3
Asian Religions 3
Mission Electives 6
Ministry Practicum / Internship 3 credits
Total credits 60

* prerequisities for non bible and theology students.



AOIC credits are recognized and accepted by Oral Roberts University (ORU), USA towards a baccalaureate or master's degree. For more information, kindly enquire with the COLLEGE's admin office.

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