Joy LimMy first elective course was on ‘The book of Philippians’ where divine strength consistently shone in the life of our dear friend, Paul. Philippians 4:13 as he joyfully shouts his Identity in Christ : “Yes..., I can do it! It is through Christ in me”. I have been with AOI College for over a year. It is very rewarding and so rich in ploughing through the word of cymbalta 30 or 60 God with fellow believers. Where seeds are sown, so will there be great harvests.
Anthea Joy Lim. Bachelors In Theology.
Home Programs Master of Arts in Pastoral Counselling
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Total Credits 60
Program Goals

The Masters in Pastoral Counselling program is a graduate program designed to equip pastors and Christian lay-workers in the area of Christian counselling in the local church or Christian counselling centers. This is not a clinical licensure degree. However this program can be credited to other colleges/schools overseas (subject to approval from each school) for students wanting to pursue further a licensure and professional recognized degree.

The Objectives of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling program is that the students will:
  • Understand the nature of the human person, marriage and the family from a biblical and theological perspective.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills for effective counselling.
  • Learn how to apply biblical truths and principles to human life situations.
  • Sustain an abiding conviction of the relevance and applicability of Scripture to life.
  • Develop a growing commitment to furthering spiritual maturity in themselves and others in the image of Christ.
  • Develop a compassion for others and the desire to minister wholeness to the quotations human person.
  • Reinforce a personal motivation to accomplish the will of God through sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in counselling and people helping.
  • Develop counselling skills and ability to train lay counsellors to serve the church and community in peer counseling and support groups.
  • Develop personal disciplines and statistics skills in counselling people based on biblical principles.
  • Develop the ability to integrate biblical, theological and psychological insights into an effective counselling ministry in the church and community.
Admission Prerequisites Candidates must have a University degree or Bachelor of Theology or its equivalent. Candidates with a Bachelor of Theology or its equivalent must have a GPA of 2.7.
Accreditation Asia Theological Association



Biblical Components 12 credits
Old Testament Introduction 3
New Testament Introduction 3
Christian Ethics 3
Spiritual Formation 3
Pastoral Counselling (Core) 12 credits
Foundations of Pastoral Counselling 3
Counselling Skills I 3
Counselling Skills II 3
Counselling Theories and Techniques 3
Pastoral Counselling (Components) 36 credits
Counselling Models of Interventions 3
Abnormal Counselling 3
Group Dynamics in Counselling 3
Counselling Children and Adolescents 3
Marriage and Family Counselling 3
Crisis and Community Counselling 3
Multicultural Counselling 3
Lay Counselling Strategies 3
Human Choice and Grace 3
Lifespan Development 3
Counselling Internship 6
Total credits 60


AOIC credits are recognized and cialis and canada custom accepted by Oral Roberts University (ORU), USA towards a baccalaureate or master's degree. For more information, kindly enquire with the COLLEGE's admin office.

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